Vintage and Home Decor

Repurposing…. think outside the orange crate of possibilities….a vintage briefcase may become a wall shelf….an antique wash basin can become a bird bath!!

That perfect something is waiting for you to imagine it in its new home…. 

 Our home decor/design items,  glassware, china, artwork are always popular as we stock unusual and unique items. Our kitchen and dining area has replacement pot lids, coffee jugs/filters, serving items and dinnerware, vintage classic espresso machines and that spare fork you always need.

Project items which may need a little tender revamp are always available. Making them more personalized as you can choose their new hues and tones!

We have books ranging from rare vintage to recent New York best sellers, DVD’s, CD’s Cassette tapes, Reels and 8 tracks

For lovers of vinyl we stock an extensive collection of records, used turntables or record player consoles to suit the most discerning enthusiast! We carry musical instruments from violins to player piano’s (when available).


See you soon at Dunn Deal Resale Store!
Located at 3101 Main Ave #3, Durango, CO 81301
(970) 385-0385